Podcast PilotPodcasting is a lot of fun and it’s a great way to share your passions with other like-minded people. With podcasting, you not only get to create a show on virtually any topic you are passionate about, but you can share with those who want to experience your passion. The technology we have today makes creating your own show very easy.

This medium has really taken the world by storm. We are living in a time where creating content is so much easier with Content Management Systems like WordPress.

While creating a podcast is fun and getting to talk about your passion according to YOU is a blast, there are some aspects to the workflow that can be daunting. More and more people are finding ways to monetize their show, but the amount of time it takes to edit your show, upload it to a media host, research guests or topics, write the show notes, and publish your show can take a lot of time. We’ve found that if a host records a one-hour show, doing the editing and writing can take two to three hours to publish the show.

Often times it takes even longer when you start incorporating sponsors, intros, outros, and other customized segments within an episode. Many people simply don’t have the time to spend doing all this work. They could be spending time on business development or time with their loved ones. This is where Podcast Pilot comes in.Podcast Pilot Potential

We have created a solution so that all a podcaster has to do is record the show and we will do all the work. What’s even better, is that while there are several services out there that you can use, it’s still time consuming submitting all the necessary information for each show.


You have to use sharing sites like Google Docs and DropBox. Podcast Pilot has designed a web-based platform that solves all these problems. First, you only have to come to one place… here. You can upload all the elements to your show one time, in one location, in a simple user-friendly step by step process. As far as we can tell, we cannot find another service that offers an easier way to get your show published.

We love podcasting and we are confident you will love the service we provide because we take all the hard work out of podcasting for you. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we’d be happy to answer all your questions. Podcast Pilot – We put your podcast on auto-pilot.