3 Takeaways from the International Podcast Day 2017

The last day of September filled the podcasting industry with excitement as more than 20 speakers from around the world shared their podcasting insights and experiences. Missed the event? Here are 3 takeaways from the International Podcast Day 2017.

1. Identify What You Need to Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is not entirely easy. But that does not mean it’s impossible.

One of the stories that intrigued us the most was that of Issa Perez of IssaTalks. When she started her show several months ago, it took her awhile before she finally decided to go live.

Her hesitation was mainly due to these challenges:

  • Resources – She did her research and found that setting up a podcast required enough money and skills. Issa did not have a lot to start with. So, she kept blogging and even did radio for 3 months.
  • Listeners – Podcasting was still quite new to the majority of people in her country. When she expressed her desire to podcast, she still had to explain to them what it was. How was she supposed to attract people to her show if they have no idea about it? How could they become her show’s loyal listeners?
  • Equipment – Another challenge was the lack of quality equipment. Podcasting basically required a microphone and an editing software. But these were not readily available to her.
  • Internet Connection – The connection was not that strong where she lived at that time. She had to figure out a way how to podcast especially since she planned on doing live interviews.

Issa so wanted to share her thoughts out to others through podcasting. But due to her situation, she needed to set aside the idea for some time.

As time passed, their family was able to move where there was a better internet connection. She also found enough resources to finally launch her show.

“For as long you have a voice, just keep doing it and people will start to listen to you. Don’t worry about what people are saying. Just go ahead and do it.” – Issa Perez

Now, you can hear IssaTalks on Facebook every Sunday at 10 PM PHT. You read it right — she does her podcast on Facebook!

Issa proudly hails from the Philippines, also known as the social networking capital of the world where an estimate of 33 million Facebook users reside. They also rank 1st in the average number of time spent on social media.

So, how was she going to podcast? Facebook Live was her answer.

Although she hesitated at first, she slowly saw the need for her to step up and do live videos. More and more people were turning to her for questions in her niche.

IssaTalks definitely came a long way in just several months of going live. It went fairly well that even the Mayor of their town wanted to be a guest on her show.

Vision and a love for podcasting. Issa knew what she needed to start a show, and it was her passion that kept her going.

2. Have a Process that Works for You

From the Philippines, let us now fly over to Thailand.

Meet Evo Terra of The Bangkok Podcast. During the International Podcast Day 2017, he shared his actual process of podcasting. And note this, he’s developed it for 13 years!

“You don’t need a process, but you probably should have a process if you’re going to be a good podcaster.” – Evo Terra

So, what’s the process?

According to Evo, podcasting is fractured. It does not stay on a single platform just like YouTube and the others. Thus, having a process to guide you can increase your chances for success.

Many times — if not oftentimes — the process of podcasting is centered on audio editing. But, that does not necessarily mean that all the other tasks are not as important.

He shared that there are basically two kinds of processes:

  • Record and release – You plan out your episodes, record a show, and release it soon after without much thought on editing your audio.
  • The more serious process – You thoroughly prepare for a single episode. Many times it takes weeks or months to complete it.

Surely you can look after what other podcasters are implementing, but it is different when that process works well for you too.

Furthermore, he encouraged others to use tools that they are comfortable with. Are you getting the most out of your process? A replay of his talk is available in the International Podcast Day 2017 website.

3. Be Resourceful and Work on Your Goal

There can be tons of hesitation when starting a podcast. Issa, for example, had to wade through those major obstacles just to launch her show. But, how about podcasting in a place where it seems like nobody cares?

This is the story of Larry Kwirirayi from Zimbabwe. He’s got years of experience in marketing and advertising. His career also brought him to work with a national radio station.

When he left the company, he felt the need to share his thoughts once again to listeners. But this time, he wanted to do it in his own terms.

When he told others about his desire to podcast, he was faced with skepticism. They asked him, “Why not radio?” But, he pursued his desire nonetheless.

“Look at your resources and ask, ‘What is it that I can achieve with the little that I have in order to get my objective?'” – Larry Kwirirayi

He was clear with his goal. But another challenge for him was, where was he going to start? All he had back then was a laptop.

That’s when his Aha! moment came. He recorded his first episode with his laptop and worked his way through editing.

Now, his show, KwiriCast, has released more than 150 episodes and has listeners not just from his locality but also from places abroad like Russia.

How about you? What is your experience in podcasting?

These are just three of the more than 20 talks featured during the International Podcast Day 2017. You can watch their replays at the website.

Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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