Braving the Future with iTunes Now Apple Podcasts

You read it clear: iTunes is now Apple Podcasts. But, what does this change mean to podcasters and to podcasting in general? Since 2005, iTunes served as the most influential podcasting client. It has amassed multitudes of listeners from around the world. Read Braving the Future with iTunes Now Apple Podcasts. Know what has changed, understand the major concerns, and apply necessary steps to adapt to this transition!

Key Changes in the Rebrand

There are a variety of changes you can incorporate in a rebrand. You can create a new name, design, or any other major aspects. You can even change everything and jump into a whole new identity if you want.

Whatever change you choose, it always means having a new image—and exciting new things to look forward to. And, yes, it comes with new concerns as well.

“We have more people than ever focused on podcasting, including engineers, editors and programmers. Podcasts hold a special place with us at Apple.” -Eddy Cue

It’s no secret that podcasting has occupied the hearts of many. Business owners use it as a viable marketing solution, charities turn to it for support—almost anyone can have their own podcast. Like they say, you don’t need to have a college degree to start one.

And, iTunes helped usher in the tide of podcast listeners worldwide. Well…what changes are there since iTunes is now Apple Podcasts?

At present, the brand’s name, badge, and icon are the visible changes podcasters deal with. It’s clear that Apple wants to create a unified identity in their products.

They advise podcasters to adhere to the terms in using them. For both the badge and the icon, you need to avoid the mistakes of misplacing or creating a customized artwork apart from those provided. There are clearly defined graphic standards regarding space, size, and background.

Up for New Features

This is what podcasters are looking forward to. How exactly will Apple help them improve their shows? What new features are available for them to use?

“I think there’s a huge resurgence in podcasting. It’s exactly what customers want because it’s the ability of listening to something on demand when you want. Should we do more and can we do more? Absolutely.” -Eddy Cue

Listeners are always on the go for interesting topics. Wherever they go, they are inclined to pick up on what many others care about. And, that suffices Apple’s desire to do more.


There isn’t any official statement regarding the new features on Apple Podcasts. Since the change has just begun, podcasters are expecting the realization of these new features in either iOs 10 or 11. Apparently, many are excited for what’s to come.

In the interview with Peter Kafka, Cue of Apple cued in to look forward for these features. Will they provide valuable listener data to podcasters, will they be redesigning the entire brand—podcasters have yet to find out.

Concerns Raised by the Community

What do people say with iTunes now Apple Podcasts?

They have three main concerns: monetization, data, and hardware. Although it existed as the leading podcasting client for many years, iTunes didn’t have a lot means for podcasters to generate income from their shows.

Affiliate marketing and advertising are currently the typical ways to earn.

For many, this rebrand also means new way to earn. Although Apple did not say anything specific about this issue just yet, podcasters are hopeful that they will be able to monetize their efforts better.

The second issue refers to the lack of listener data on iTunes. There is inconsistency with the number of listeners and how long they tune in. Knowing such information are valuable for podcasters to improve their shows.

That helps them create better strategies to reach out and engage. The more specific the audience, the clearer understanding podcasters have with what they should do and which ones they should avoid.

Lastly, since all podcast episodes on iTunes are available for free, there stands the big question of whether Apple is simply trying to market their hardware. Well, what does the brand have in contrast to others?

Apple is undeniably an innovator. What new features does Apple Podcasts have to offer? We shall see…eventually.

Steps to Take in the Rebrand

Three steps.

Public awareness is important in the starting phase of any rebrand. People need to be aware to take on the necessary actions. For this, Apple advises podcasters to do these three things:

  1. Call to Action – Let your listeners know that you are on “Apple Podcast”. Providing a clear invitation gives you a higher chance to increase your listener count. Whether you are new to the field or not, providing a clearly defined way to listen and engage is important. Also, don’t forget to change your Apple badge to help people become more aware of the new identity.
  2. Update RSS – To guide listeners to their new URL, podcasters need to set an HTTP redirect in their hosting server. You may refer to Podcasts Connect Help for instructions.
  3. Tag @ApplePodcasts – If you want to share your podcast episodes on Twitter, you may tag @ApplePodcasts to help others find you.

A Future with iTunes Now Apple Podcasts

What actions have you taken so far?

A new identity may not immediately come into full shape. Like they say, it takes time to create something worth it. But even in this starting phase, podcasters can apply the steps that Apple has for them.

Well, how would change bring greater value if no one knows about it?

“Creativity is just connecting things.” -Steve Jobs

As the years progress, new products appear to improve the way people communicate. With Apple Podcasts, people hopefully have a better way to connect and influence lives.

In time…

Many look forward to what Apple’s new features will create. With this start of a new identity—a new journey for podcasters, many are apt to expect a better future as well. But for now, you can take on the necessary steps and raise awareness. Even with uncertainty, like they say, the future is yours for the taking.

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