Want a better podcast production? Managing a team to produce a great podcast is not easy. It comes with a number of specific tasks, such as uploading an audio file and notifying the team when an episode is ready.

There’s Dropbox, Google Drive, and so many other different tools that the team could be working with. Opening the folders alone takes time.

What if everything you need is just in one place? That would be amazing, isn’t it? It saves you time to do the primary tasks involved. That was why Castrly was born.

Introduction to Castrly

Castrly is the first and only solution for better podcast production. Experienced editors and writers themselves created it. Spearheaded by Jaime Jay of Stop Riding the Pine podcast, they came up with a team management software that aims to streamline podcast production.

“We’re seeing another evolution in podcasting, which is this: the higher production level you have, the better chance of creating that listener base.” -Jaime Jay in an interview on PodToPod

Jaime has been in the industry for some time now. Apart from being a podcast host, he also manages a team of editors and writers who help produce great shows for other podcasts.

They came to a point when they got frustrated with the countless workflows, folders, and different systems available. When they went into podcast production, it was not the workflows that they signed up. They simply wanted to produce a great show.

But workflows were inevitable. They needed an efficient system to streamline their services. One thing they observed, however, was that clients sometimes have already been used to a different system.

Having clients shift to another one could be challenging.

“When people are outsourcing their shows to get produced, they really want it to be simple.” -Jaime Jay in an interview on PodToPod

Better Podcast Production

Among the production issues that you too may have experienced are:

1) Collaboration with clients – how many accounts do clients typically log in to? There could be times when you want them on a specific app to collaborate with you better. There they can drop in raw audio files, instructions, and any other things necessary.

The problem is they might already have been used to a different system, and find your offer rather confusing. Again, transition is not easy for everyone. Even after you may have tried to reach out to them, in the end, they could miss out new files for a new episode.

With Castrly, everything that a client would need to is just in one place. This includes bookkeeping.

To streamline the process for clients, they simply add a show and place all the repeating episode elements—sponsor clips, links, images. Every time they create a new episode, they would no longer have to upload those files again.

The files will appear on the editor and writer’s side when its already their time to work on the project. Clients only need to upload the new files that are specific to the episode.

2) Dealing with multiple files and folders – you can use Google Docs, spreadsheets, and lots of folders to organize tasks for an episode. Although your system for carrying tasks may work well, as Jaime said it in his interview at PodToPod, they still take up time which you could have already used in doing the editing or show notes instead.

Before launching the podcast software to the public, the Castrly team first measured how much it took them to do specific tasks. The results were astounding. From 51 minutes of doing the minor tasks alone of opening folders, preparing the template or updating the production schedule, they were able to lower it to about 17 minutes with Castrly.

Now, isn’t that a treat?

4-Step Process of Podcast Production

Castrly podcast production software resolves the four major steps in the process:

1. Record – this is the time when the client records his episodes. He makes sure to gather all necessary information that he wants to include.

2. Upload – once the client has everything he needs, he uploads the files to the production software. It will then signal the audio editor that a new episode has been uploaded.

3. Work – the audio editor checks the episode and downloads the necessary files for editing. Once done, he pushes the Submit button to have the edited episode approved by the client.

The client has the choice to either approve or deny the edited file and have it changed.

This is particularly useful to those who want to ensure the quality of their production. Otherwise, the client can simply turn off the approval option and allow the team to publish the episode on the scheduled release even without his consent.

Once approved, the show notes writer receives the notification via email. That’s the time when he can download the necessary files and do the actual writing. When completed, he submits the show notes to the client.

4. Notify – automatic notifications are sent to the team member or client concerned. They are sent when a new episode has been uploaded, editing has been completed, writing has been created, or when the final edited episode is ready to be published.

The podcast production software also has a backup. Teams and clients may simply contact the Castrly team for any files they lost that they want to restore.

Great Podcast Episodes in Less Time

With the production software now available, producing great shows in less time can be enjoyed even better. No more opening additional folders. No more waiting on an online Document to load.

“Nowadays a lot of people have a pretty good system but it’s still very time consuming. There has got to be a better way.” -Jaime Jay in an interview on PodToPod

What is even better is Castrly is mobile friendly. Production teams can access it in any device anywhere there is an internet connection.

At present, Castrly offers a free demo. You can visit their website at Castrly.com and schedule a time you are available. Finally, a software is up for every awesome podcast production team to enjoy.

What can you say about the Castrly—A Solution for Better Podcast Production? Visit us on Twitter. Don’t forget to leave your comments or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

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Are you a podcast producer or podcast production company looking for a way to streamline your production workflow?  The wait is over.  We’d like to invite you to check out Castrly.com.  Finally, a solution for Podcast Editors and Writers… Created by Podcast Editors and Writers.

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