Easy Social Media Campaign Steps for Your Podcast

Got exciting ideas for your show but just not sure how to proceed? Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms can be your ticket to success. Here are 7 easy social media campaign steps for your podcast — steps which we also try to implement at Podcast Pilot.

1. Gear up with time and commitment

What does it take to run a social media campaign? Time and again, you too might have already known that it is not just a series of posts or shoutouts. Marketing requires deliberate action as well as a steady understanding that it takes time and commitment.

It takes time to fulfill and it also takes time to succeed. There is truth in the saying that says, “There is no overnight success.” Every effort is backed by sufficient planning and purpose.

Apart from time, marketing also calls for commitment. This commitment refers to one’s sustained efforts not just for your campaign but also for your followers.

2. Brainstorm for things to promote

Write down all your ideas on paper. It doesn’t matter whether they are not organized at first. At this moment, simply put words to describe or name the things that you have in your mind for your podcast.

The ideas you brainstorm could be:

  • Your upcoming podcast episode
  • A podcasting event that you are hosting
  • Your mastermind group online
  • Discounts or treats from your podcast
  • An update of your holiday getaway

You get it — they could be just about anything within the scope of your show. Think about what you have that you can promote, and write them down.

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3. Narrow down your goals

Ready for this third step? Once you are done naming your ideas, the next thing to do is pick one that you can do first — one that might already be waving a flag at you because it is so important for your podcast. You may call that as your ultimate social media campaign goal.

Identify that one thing from the ideas you brainstormed and narrow it further using S.M.A.R.T. goals, which means…

  • Specific – What is that idea telling you to do? If you wrote down “upcoming episode with Jaime Jay”, you can make it more specific by turning it into “tell my listeners about my upcoming episode with Jaime Jay”. Simply be on point with what you want or need to do.
  • Measurable – To how many people do you want to reach out? It is also helpful to identify their background and interests first, especially when you are thinking about sending direct messages. Why would they want to “buy” your campaign and what are your success indicators?
  • Achievable – What resources do you need to use? Is it feasible with your budget, time, or human resources? How far down the road will your tools be able to keep up?
  • Relevant – It is quite easy to have ideas, but consider your show’s mission. Is your idea something which your target listeners or campaign audience would be able to connect with your podcast? Also, how relevant is it to the present time?
  • Time-bound – How long will your campaign run? And how often will it appear on social media? When is the last day that a particular task should be completed? Any deadlines?

Like we said, a successful campaign is backed with a purpose. Have your goals ready, and they will guide you through the process.

Ice Breaker

Did you know that, according to Edison Research, 73% of the monthly podcast consumers are on Facebook? Only second to that is Instagram at 48%.

On which social media platform are you most active? Are you getting the most out of your marketing efforts there?

4. Gather your marketing tools

Identify the social media platforms you are on. Is it also where your target audience is most active?

Upon closer look, you may find that the platform you are on is not hitting any of your goals. There could be various reasons behind it. Nevertheless, there are tools that you can maximize to boost your campaign.

Among the marketing tools available online:

  • Canva – for creating your social media graphics
  • HootSuite – for scheduling your posts on different social media platforms in one place
  • Pete the Podcaster – a Messenger chatbot that can help grow your podcast’s number of loyal listeners

Each platform has its own specialty. Twitter, for example, does well in sending out brief updates to followers. Be free and explore your chosen platform’s specialty and the tools that you can use to power up your podcast.

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5. Create a good strategy

Ask yourself this question: What is the most effective way to succeed in your campaign? In the third step, we emphasized the significance of having S.M.A.R.T. goals.

When you have identified and understood what it takes to run your campaign, you will be better equipped to map out a strategy for it.

Take again, for example, the specific goal of “telling your listeners about your upcoming episode with Jaime Jay”. In order to complete that goal, use the remaining M.A.R.T. in the acronym to point you to a good marketing strategy.

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6. Plot your social media calendar

With a good strategy in place, the next thing to do is put that in your system. How? Plot your to-do things on your social media calendar.

Identify deadlines and any target milestones for the week. Being specific helps in driving away any cloud of confusion in your campaign. It focuses your mind and streamlines your marketing efforts.

Your calendar may reflect:

  • Which days of the week you’ll market
  • How often you will reach out on your chosen platform
  • Any particular individuals you need to connect with
  • Graphics you need to complete for the day
  • Dates of implementation

You have a say on what your calendar will look like. What is important is that it aligns well with your campaign goals and strategy.

7. Implement and monitor your success

Finally, time to carry out your marketing plan! But, wait because marketing does not end in implementation. We remember what social media scientist Dan Zarrella once said…

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

Boost your campaign with the data you receive as your campaign continues. These could be data from your engagements on social media, your podcast statistics, or data from other tools you use to measure your success.

Now, over to you. Do you know of other ways aside from these easy social media campaign steps for your podcast? We hope you’ll find them helpful just as we did with our campaigns.

Let us know what you think about these 7 Easy Social Media Campaign Steps for Your Podcast. Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with others. We would love to hear from you!

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