Live podcasts are changing the way listeners engage. They enable real time chats and generate new concepts. Here’s how to run a live stream audio podcast. Many podcasters and listeners have fallen in love with it since the late 2000s. Understand the benefits and stream your show live!

What does a live stream audio podcast mean?

Imagine rolling out your ideas to people around the world. Podcasting basically provides you that privilege to reach out to and connect with ideal clients, affiliates, and influencers. It gives you the chance to lead with your thoughts and make a difference.

Typically, you record and edit your episodes before publishing them on a set date. This setup enables listeners to listen or download and to leave a review as they wish. Replies could come in late or never.

You want your listeners to stay engaged.

This is what’s great about live podcasts. You allow your listeners to connect with you in real time. The difference is you don’t get to edit your show while on air, but you can record and upload it for release on a later date.

Among the perks of live audio streaming are:

1. Real Time Engagement

As mentioned, in live podcast shows, listeners can comment anytime. They can express their reactions during the show, and you get to respond to them as you can.

While not all podcast hosts accommodate live streaming, there are other platforms you can use to ensure your show goes live. The challenge, however, is creating a sold fan base that could readily tune in to your show.

Listeners love it when they receive feedback from their favorite podcasts. It’s like getting in touch with someone they look up to or someone they really like. And, it’s exciting when you feel like you belong in a show.

This is the kind of relationship you want to build with your target listeners. You don’t want them left out. After all, the show exists for them—to inspire, inform, entertain them.

2. Brand Promotion

When you have listeners tuning in to your show, it will be easy for you to extend to more people. With a live stream audio podcast, they can share the experience with a friend or acquaintance.

Since they get to chat real time, conversation becomes more natural and intimate. Also, people are inherently curious. So when they catch you live anytime they’re free, they easily become interested and tune in.

In the long run and as your number of listeners increase, you can invite sponsors to advertise. According to Bridge Media Research, the ad market is expected to generate $200 million dollars this year. Even with live streaming, you can connect with sponsors to produce your podcast.

3. Fresh Concept

It’s a give and take. Live podcasts enables you to go out of your typical episodes. You can produce special live shows once a month or anytime you wish.

This way you provide your listeners with a new kind of experience. It’s like your treat to them for staying with you. In return, they provide you with fresh ideas.

You get to learn firsthand about what they are interested about through their feedback. From them, you can gather ideas on what to discuss or how to do your next episode. Your goal is to keep them motivated to stay.

Live Stream Audio Podcast Equipment

There’s nothing much to add to your typical podcast equipment. The only extra you need is a live streaming software. Here’s a list of favorites:

  • SPREAKER – In contrast to other podcast hosts, Spreaker offers live audio streaming. Even with a free account, you get all the basic features you need to kickstart your show. You can chat, do multiple shows, distribute or export your episodes, analyze performance—they got you covered. The drawback is you only get 15 minutes of air time per session. If you want to go beyond, you can upgrade your plan from $4.99 to $119.99 per month.
  • MIXLR – For as low as $99 a year, Mixlr allows you to host your own live episodes. It is easy to use. Simply purchase and install it to your phone or desktop. Once done, you need to register for an account. Features, such as live chats and unlimited listeners, are available.
  • FACEBOOK – This is something to look forward to. Recently in December, Facebook introduced its Live Audio feature. They noticed the creative efforts of publishers to go live without actual videos. Imagine streaming live on social media. If you can gather viewers via Facebook Live videos, what more can you do with Live Audio. People enjoy listening from their mobile devices especially when it’s free. Facebook is constantly on the move to enhance their services. At present, they are testing Live Audio with BBC World Service and few other partners.

All applications are set for live audio streaming. To use them, you need to register for an account and create a your own podcast channel or page. From there, listeners can enjoy tuning in to your episodes.

Reaching Target Listeners

What happens if you don’t have a solid group of followers? It gives you more reasons to distribute your podcast.

It’s easy to setup and follow the instructions for any software. What’s challenging is gathering people to listen. You don’t want to invest your effort to nothing.

The good thing is it’s still achievable. You need to ensure your brand is established enough to connect with others. Promote your plan of a live show to your present podcast listeners. You can also tap influencers to spread the word.

They could be your previous show guests, next door neighbors, colleagues, or anyone you are acquainted with. Send them a message or personally inform them about it. You can also promote through social media and other platforms.

Patience is key, and so is creativity. It takes time to reap the fruits of your labor. For now, you can focus on reaching out and building relationships in your niche. In the long run, when they find you interesting and reliable, you’ll find them tuning in to your live podcast episodes.

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