Are you starting a podcast, but don’t know what specific topics to talk about? Or, do you need ideas to refill your creative juices and get your podcast rolling? Here are 10 Ideas for Podcast Topics to Get You Started. Explore the different show settings, and gain new ideas to do them!

Choosing a Podcast Topic

Success in podcasting requires you to be interesting enough to attract loyal listeners. You can’t just release a new episode without expecting listeners to hear it. That is why you do your best to record, edit, and promote your podcast.

It is true, however, that ideas don’t come in easily sometimes. It happens.

If you take a step back and try to assess your situation, however, you may find that things don’t really have to be complicated. There have been other podcasters who went through the same challenge.

What you can do is…

Refer back to the “why” you started your podcast. It might help to go through the previous topics you already discussed or brainstorm different keywords associated with your podcast.

Your goal is to look for something that is in step with your show’s “why”. You can take a moment to remember why you started your show.

There is a very interesting blog about crafting remarkable experiences for your client, which in this case is your listener. Brand Architect Jared Angaza shares the power of a brand.

What does it have to do with podcasting? A lot, if not everything.

The thing is…

Branding influences all aspects of your company or podcast show. According to Angaza, a brand is the experience you create.

When your listeners don’t feel like you are in sync with their desires and needs, what possible reason would they have to continue listening in the long run?

That experience is what you want to focus on.

“Most businesses fail to put enough focus on the customer experience, and instead spend their efforts just trying to get new leads or build their audience.” – Jared Angaza, Slapshot Studio

You can start by considering the impact you want to leave, and write it down. From there, you can visualize the possible things you can do. You may schedule a strategy session with Jared Angaza to help clarify that for your show.

When you know and fully understand what your show is about, you will find it convenient to come up with ideas for podcast topics. And, you want to carry out that perfect understanding in each episode you release.

Once you’ve specified the experience you want to create, here are 2 basic podcast settings to consider:
  1. 7 Ways to Find Guests for Your PodcastInterview – You invite people with influence in your niche to share their knowledge, expertise, or skill. They may come from your local community, guest booking services, social media, or even someone you just met in a niche gathering.
  2. Solo Hosting – You take the spotlight and guide or entertain listeners by yourself. It’s more fun going solo, you might say.

However you want to do your podcast, you want it to keep up with the experience you have in mind. And, here are some ideas for podcast topics to get you started:

1. My List of Favorites

What are some things you like that your target listeners might also be interested in?

Take for example having a podcast in the sports industry. You can pick one category of interests, like shoes, and feature your favorites of all the shoes that top players wore.

Or if your show is about traveling to different places, you can feature your favorite places that listeners may also venture into.

This can work well for you especially when you time it with big events or popular holidays, such as Christmas and summer vacation. Listeners could be interested in knowing what presents to give, or which places to visit and have some fun.

2. Ask Mr. Podcaster

One example is episode 251 of the Freelancer’s Show. The hosts took some time to answer niche-specific questions from listeners. Answers were backed by the hosts’ experiences and knowledge on the field.

You too can come up with your own Q & A episode. To do that, you may conduct surveys, ask the people around you, stay updated on your niche, or attend niche meetups to identify areas of concern.

3. A Book I Just Read

Yes. Books have ideas that you can get inspiration from. It doesn’t really matter if it’s fiction or nonfiction. The thing is…they all have bits of ideas that you can savor and share.

One example is Unlocking Your Inner Strength’s episode 22, Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Influential Villains. Pretty cool, huh? In the episode, the host Kyle Newell talks about how a person can live a meaningful life.

He takes his listeners through some of the lines he really liked and shares what he thought about each of them. And, he has a unique way of telling them everything that makes it all the more interesting.

A maiden in distress, a highway speed chase, a heinous scandal, leadership principles, marketing researches—they all have ideas that you too can tell others about.

4. Did You Know

Ever wondered how something happened or how something started? You can go on a journey with your podcast listeners to discover the answers to your questions.

You can also consider knowing about the behind-the-scenes or the early days of some of the most successful businesses. Two fine examples are How I Built This and Private Label Movement.

You can narrate the story as you go along or interview a key contributor in that specific area. Through it all, your goal is to uncover stories that your listeners might have never heard before.

5. What I Think About It

How about you take an in-depth review of a movie, a book, or an event? Explore the pros and cons or the what-could-be’s in the field. Think about its relevant characteristics or features.

You can learn from some of the episodes on It’s a popular haven for programmers where they get to hear different takes about a new app or about a particular tool. It’s created by programmers and is for their fellow programmers and wannabes.

6. Let Me Show You How

Sometimes listeners are interested in how they can do something. They could be looking for experts and specialists who can guide them in the process.

You may have heard of people who have a show that is set to helping entrepreneurs reach the success they want in their career. For that, they host episodes that discuss topics like “Steps to Gain Financial Wealth” or “The Ultimate Tool to Boost Your Sales”.

The thing is…there are people who are ready and willing to learn from experiences or guides just to succeed. You too can show them the way.

7. Meet the Community

The Art of Creating and Developing a Podcast CommunityAmong the interesting ideas for podcast topics is going out to your podcast community. Podcasting doesn’t have to be contained in the four corners of your recording studio.

There are no rules to how far you can go or which places you can only go to. Podcasting is a very good medium to meet new people and engage with them long term. For this, you can go out to your neighborhood or someplace full of potential listeners.

You can then take the first step and ask them relevant questions. Be natural. Such candid moments spark interest within your podcast community.

8. Hello Again, Pal

Consider people, places, and events that left a strong impression on the niche you thrive in. You can call them back to memory and be very creative in doing so.

One very fine example is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, where he gives fresh takes on significant events in history. And, guess what—he doesn’t have a regular posting schedule. But when he releases an episode, it is exciting enough to have his listeners want for more.

9.  Eyes on T’Issue

Ideas for podcast topics can be just around the corner. It can be in the form of a trophy, a bestseller book, a beautiful landscape. And if you go deeper into each of them, you could find something really interesting.

Just as the fictional Hamlet puts it, Something rotten is in the state of Denmark. You can do some research about it, and take on a journey with your audience to uncover it.

10. The First in a Series

Stop Riding the Pine’s Special NHL Series is something you would want to consider. Every other Wednesday the show features veteran hockey players who entered the world of business.

Similarly, you too can focus on a person, place, or event that your target listeners will also enjoy. You can start by listing down what or who exactly you want to feature, and dive into the different aspects of his life. You can turn that into a 2 or 3 or 4-part series that your listeners can tune in.

How to Narrow Down the Ideas for Podcast Topics

There are lots of ideas for podcast topics that you may find interesting. What’s important is you narrow down your thoughts and make those topics more specific, more relevant to your listeners.

Remember that you want to give them the best experience they could possibly have.

One thing you can do is ask key questions. Pick one subject you like, and ask yourself what you want to do with it. If you aren’t very familiar with it yet, you can look for helpful resources and look for that one gold nugget that makes that subject interesting.

Once you have a good understanding of what you want to talk about in your podcast episode, you can be more specific by creating an outline of your thoughts. It will serve as the skeleton of that particular episode.

Overall, don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities and be creative in carrying them out. Explore, create, and leave an impact.

What can you say about the 10 Ideas for Podcast Topics to Get You Started? Visit us on Twitter. Don’t forget to leave your comments or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!


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    Hi. I’m very interested in a consultation. I’m excited about starting a podcast and would love some pointers.

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