How to Keep Your Podcast Email Subscribers Engaged

Tired of getting low open rates and click-throughs for your show? Email marketing is still fully alive in the industry, and knowing how to make the most out of it can definitely change your game. Here are five ways to keep your podcast email subscribers engaged and to win through emails!

1. Offer exclusive content

Email subscriptions function much like a membership program. People sign up for your emails because they know you have something good to offer at their advantage. Something which perhaps empowers them to become more productive at work, something which enables them to perform better, or something which helps them achieve their goals.

How do you give value through your emails and assure your subscribers that you’re worthy of their trust? What sets your program apart from the others? One way is by maximizing the power of exclusivity.

During the last quarter of 2014, an analysis of two million email subscribers was performed. It revealed the different types of messages inside the average subscriber’s inbox. The results: more than half were promotional emails, 28.3% were transactional, and the remaining 18.2% were personal.

Exclusive content encourages people to check their emails for something which they cannot find elsewhere even on your podcast website.

It may come in the form of insider information, company updates, episode updates, or educational resources. You may also package it with a strategic design and layout. The challenge is to provide your subscribers with a remarkable experience every time — not overwhelming or lacking in certain aspects but just enough to satisfy their curiosity of the moment.

2. Set the right mood, the right flavor

Another way to keep your podcast email subscribers engaged is by setting the type of mood they want or expect to receive from you. How? Let your email be your stage.

In his article on Medium, Joe Edelman discussed the important thing for consumers — in this case, the reason why they would read, why they would open an email, why they would make a purchase.

Too often, society tells us that people look for answers to their questions or for an easy way out of their difficult situations. So, we marketers create that way for them and tell them that what they are offering is what’s best for them in their situation.

“To ‘nudge’ users towards well-being or happiness — if it’s based on ‘science’ rather than on the users’ own sense of what’s important — is to treat them like a Tamagotchi, a digital pet. You’ve decided what’s good for them.” – Joe Edelman

But, what we tend to overlook is the fact that such situations are only external forces. And, what matters more to people are the things that are happening within — the things they feel, the things they experience and care for. It is that inside process which incites them to action and which email marketers could attend to.

Take a look at the big picture and find the true determinant of your subscribers’ engagement. Focus your campaigns on where there is real value for them. And, make it known to them through your writing style, layout, and design.

Understand that you are not solely working towards the goal. It’s the process that makes it worthwhile. The value that you create out of your content.

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3. Provide regular incentives

One of the email marketing principles that is perhaps often overlooked is knowing what your program means for your podcast. According to the web creative agency, Slapshot Studio, it is important to understand the purpose of emails for your show. It will serve as the foundation of your content and the value you create out of it.

There can be two uses of email marketing for your podcast: to maintain a high level of excitement and to close a deal with them. You both agree that you have something good to offer in your podcast emails.

Another way to keep your podcast email subscribers engaged is by providing them regular incentives. These may come in the form of:

  • PDF guides
  • Discounts
  • Shoutouts
  • Exciting opportunities

Even with your podcast already on air, your listeners can drop by their emails to receive your newsletter to check out anything new. It’s the beauty of email marketing: you are able to bring your community towards their inboxes just to keep up with what you are doing in the show.

And with these incentives, you also give them another reason to invite their friends, family, and colleagues to go join them and tune into the show with them.

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4. Keep your email list clean

Having thousands of contacts in your email marketing software does not necessarily equal your exact number of active subscribers. When you look closely, you may find a couple of invalid and inactive ones.

According to SiriusDecisions, there are different types of email addresses that can pull down your deliverability:

  • Competitor domains – which could report your campaigns as spam
  • Role-based email addresses – examples are those starting with No-reply@ and maildaemon@
  • Mailing lists – examples are those ending with and
  • Malformed emails – the ones which may have been mistyped
  • Spam detection and backlist services – examples are @*mail-abuse* and @*ahbl*
  • Wireless service domains – contacts from cell phones, pagers, and other wireless devices

Make sure that you are only sending to people who are interested in your podcast emails. One way of cleaning your list is by using a double opt-in for your subscription and keeping track of your contacts through contact scoring.

That way, you are confident that you are sending only to valid email addresses and engaged subscribers. We can dive more about this in a future blog post.

Extra tip: learn about conditional logic

Keeping your subscribers updated with regular emails allows you to keep your promise to deliver content to their inbox. But, giving them content that they want is another thing.

You could spend countless hours crafting a piece of content. But the hard truth is your subscribers’ preferences may change over time.

Applying conditional logic in your email campaigns allows your subscribers to see or receive only those that they enjoy seeing or receiving. You can track them through their behaviors and other factors presented to you in your marketing software.

One such software is ActiveCampaign. It does away with duplicate emails and gives you the tools to track your subscribers’ engagement. It also has automation recipes that you can fully implement.

Final Thoughts

Let us leave you with this thought from Molly Schwartz of METRO, “I listen to [podcast] for the human voices and stories because it captures my imagination or teaches me new things or makes me feel more connected to other humans.”

Just like other story formats, podcasts also require deliberate marketing. Perhaps what you just need is a better way, better strategies in your marketing, so that people including from your listener community will remember your timeless stories in sound.

The stories that you share with them can leave a lasting impact not only in their minds but also in their lives in general.

How do you maximize your marketing programs for your podcast? Is your email marketing software giving you the boost that you need?

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