Marketing Content with Show Notes

Just as podcasting promotes your business, show notes attract listeners and search engines. They provide the hooks for catching more loyal listeners and sales.

I have been writing show notes for quite some time already. I’ve heard a variety of shows as well. One thing that I’ve observed is the importance of knowing how to deliver a show.

In any area of life, it is always good to communicate clearly and effectively. Who would want to be misunderstood? What business doesn’t want a positive response?

Relatively, pairing your podcast with show notes provides a better way to market your business.

Show Notes and Listeners

The main idea behind show notes is to tease people to listen to the podcast. They provide a good sneak peek of what the podcast is about. Here’s how show notes work:

1. Haven of Interests

Many listeners carefully consider a show before they hit “listen” or “download”. Majority of them are thought leaders who seek to learn more about their field of interest. So, once they get to your show that means you have something that interests them.

To keep their attention, you can highlight some of the important things in your show’s episode through show notes. You can place them near your podcast player or downloader.

2. Comprehension Help

If you find it difficult to deliver your message in an interesting manner or if you lack the skill to express an idea proficiently, show notes can also help your listeners understand you better.

Not everyone has the knack to express and impress, but everyone can try.

3. Reason to Stay

Just like any other teaser, show notes provide people with the reason to listen. It’s a way of adding value to them as well.

By providing quality content, your listeners get to know that you care about them. You want them to understand your message, for them not to miss the privilege of acquiring a product that’s as good as yours.

The fact that you’ve considered starting a podcast shows off your desire to extend your business. Show notes help you connect with listeners by allowing them to understand you better and to reach out to you.

Marketing Content with Show Notes

For effective communication, it’s important to know who you are communicating with. Here are some guide questions from Slapshot Studio that can help you identify and attract your target listeners. Communication is a two-way process, which necessitates a response.

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Show Notes and SEO

Podcasting and show notes are both beneficial in increasing your rank with search engines. They do well in promoting your business online but under certain conditions.

“Google doesn’t listen to your show. Bing has no idea what you said on the episode you’re posting. The search engines need to be fed, and your show notes are what they love to dine on.” – Daniel M. Clark

As you’ll read on Authority Hacker’s Onpage SEO Checklist, having optimized content is crucial to getting found online. And it isn’t all about the technical aspects of the game. There is also a need to connect with others in the field.

Accordingly, here’s how you can optimize your show notes:

1. Fix any issues on your website – How quickly does your page appear on the screen? Is there any way that your listeners can share your episodes directly? Have you used the right keywords? And are your images optimized as well?

2. Check the quality of your content – Look for any loopholes in your format and structure. Also, check for proper grammar and spelling.

3. Maximize the potential of images and multimedia – These attention grabbers encourage people to share your episodes with their community. You can be creative and wise in knowing how to use them for your podcast.

4. Create click-worthy and optimized headlines – Include the keyword in your episode title and make sure they are captivating for people to click and tune in.

5. Prepare your social and meta data for potential listeners – Episode titles and descriptions can make a difference. For this, you may include a meta description and a captivating title to invite people on Facebook, Twitter, the other social platforms and on the search engines.

6. Optimize for leads and podcast goals – Offering content upgrades and using affiliate links can help you achieve more wins for your show and for your podcast community.

7. Market your episode effectively – Schedule at the best time, ask for people to link back to your episode, and use internal links. Draw the entire community towards your podcast, and in so doing, you’re also telling search engines to move you a step higher in their search results.

Once you know these important aspects, you’re ready to level up your podcast with optimized show notes. You may visit Authority Hacker for a complete copy of the checklist.

Writing Show Notes

There are many ways to write show notes. You can do it through outlines, summaries, transcriptions, or paraphrases. You can check Stop Riding the Pine podcast for some really cool examples.

  1. Outlining – You can list down the ideas included in your show’s episode. For this, you can make use of bullet points and/or numbering just like this example from Private Label.
  2. Summaries – Summarizing the main points can also be a good way to promote your podcast. You can even come up with a newsletter just like this example from The Podcast Wire.
  3. Transcription – While many might find this method more convenient, highlighting the podcast word for word might not be as captivating. Show notes are like the icing on a cake—they’re meant to entice.
  4. Paraphrase – As in summaries, you can paraphrase the essential points to make it easy for your listeners to understand.

To enhance your show notes, you can add the following:

  • Relevant headings
  • Relevant illustrations or photos
  • Internal and external links
  • Interesting quotes
  • Subscription invites
  • Contact information
  • Links to your company’s social media sites

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Show Notes and Design

Design is perhaps one of the sometimes neglected aspects of marketing. Yes, we can promote our products by way of words. However, appearance and arrangement will always have an impact on a company’s identity.

Marketing Content with Show Notes

Answer this question: What impression do you want to leave to your listeners? Would you appear reliable or authentic to them?

“I thought that most people who listened to the show did so from their mobile devices–not here on my website. Boy was I wrong.” – Pat Flynn

Pat understood the importance of having a good-looking website. This pertains to the organization and overall design of contents. To him, having a neat and well-conceived website increases the number of visitors as well as the profit he earns from those visits.

Just because podcasts give listeners the convenience of listening anywhere anytime doesn’t mean they don’t allow listeners to see what your business looks like.

Similarly, arranging your show notes in an orderly and cohesive fashion will generate more listeners for your podcast. Know how to start and end.

Here are some ideas on how to start:

  1. Brief overview of your podcast episode
  2. Short bio about your episode guest
  3. Recap of the previous episode if related

To proceed with your show notes, you can write the main topics in bullet or numbered form, provide short summaries, paraphrases, or transcription.

Here are some ideas on how to end:

  1. Timestamps
  2. Call to action
  3. Final thoughts

We each have our own voice and style in writing show notes. What’s important is we stick to our goal and podcast identity. Be your own brand.

Final Thoughts

Show notes help convince listeners to subscribe to your show. But as easy as they might seem, they require sufficient time and attention to create.

The good news? You don’t necessarily have to spend countless hours in creating them. You can always hire professionals — like we have on Podcast Pilot — to do the work for you so that you can focus on completing the more important aspects of maintaining your podcast.

Whatever type of show you have or whatever motivation you have for putting it up, it’s crucial that you don’t get distracted by the zillions of possibilities that could come around.

Podcasting and show notes provide listeners the privilege to know about your business. So, know what you’re about. Know your brand, and stand out.

Any thoughts on Marketing Content with Show Notes? Feel free to share your thoughts with others in the comments section below!

If you need help in your podcast editing and show notes, Podcast Pilot is available for you! Feel free to contact us at, or register for a free consultation or a paid coaching service. Podcast Pilot is your podcast buddy—reach out and get the solution you need!


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