This year brings a lot of exciting events in the podcasting industry. Whether you are just starting or not, you have the opportunity to meet, bond, and learn from other podcasters. There are also opportunities for fans to listen live to their favorites. Here are 10 exciting podcast events to attend this 2017.


1. ShoutOut Live! The Festival

IF you are looking for an entire day of podcast talks, live entertainment, and commentaries, ShoutOut Live! The Festival just might be what you are looking for.

From 11 AM until evening, this event will get you energized with podcasters from the US and the UK. Among them are The Friend Zone, Mostly LIT, How to Kill an Hour, and Ground Ego.

The stage is set at Bedford Way, Russell Square, London. The kind of ticket you purchase will determine the activities you get to participate in The Festival.

  • Discover Stage ticket – access to new shows and talks about the different areas of podcasting.
  • General Admission ticket – access to all podcasters featured in the lineup. The seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Guaranteed Seating ticket – sit close to the stage as popular shows take on the spotlight.
  • VIP ticket – access to podcasters including at the backstage.

Tickets range from £20 to £75 plus some additional fees. Not sure if you can afford it? The good news is you can apply as a Volunteer to help out in the big podcast event and get access to all perks for FREE.

The big day will be on August 5, 2017. Check out the SO Live Festival website for more information.

2. Now Hear This Podcast Festival

How about a festival in the US? There is one that’s going to happen this September 8-10, 2017 at the Big Apple—particularly at Javits Center, New York City, NY.

More than 25 live performances from favorite podcasters will take on the stage. Among them are from Comedy Bang! Bang!, Criminal, Gimlet, and Politically Re-active. Now Hear This Podcast Festival was made especially for the podcast fans across the country.

Now Hear This Festival 2016 for Podcast Events to Attend

Among the other exciting activities are:

  • Meet-and-greet with podcasters
  • Autograph opportunities
  • Group meet and photo opportunity (VIP)

It is open to everyone from 18 years old and up. Rain or shine, you will get the thrill of listening live to podcasters and meeting other people in the circle. Volunteer opportunities are also up for grabs.

Check out the Now Hear This website for more information.

3. Werk It

Now for all the women podcasters out there, WNYC Studios present to you the Werk It podcast festival. It’s a 3-day fest that runs from October 3-5 at Los Angeles, California.

Highlights include:

  • Podcasting workshops
  • Demos
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Cocktail parties
  • Live podcast tapings

There’s even more to that. This year in Werk It, there will be a one-day bootcamp for those who want to venture into podcasting.

Tickets range from as low as $200 up to $550. There are still three months for you to prepare and save up. Volunteer opportunities are also available.

It’s a good opportunity to learn, have fun, and be inspired by more than 50 women leaders in the industry. Although the podcast event was made especially for women, men can attend the live podcast tapings in the evening.

Werk It is very much open to sponsorship. Check out their website for more information.


1. Podcast Movement

There are only 14 days to go before the $50 discount ends! What exactly are we talking about? It is your opportunity to grab an early bird ticket for the ultimate event in the industry—the Podcast Movement.

From August 22-25, more than a hundred successful podcasts, networks and companies will take on the center stage to talk all about podcasting.

It’s perfect for those who want to launch their own podcast as well as for those who are already active but are very much interested to improve their shows. Like they say, there is always room for growth. Among the highlights are:

  • Basic technical sessions
  • Lessons on how to craft a story
  • Lessons on how to conduct and interview

There are more than 80 different sessions that you can attend! There will also be exhibits from software, hardware and technology companies to help you choose the right podcast tools and equipment.

Thinking about inspiration? Cliff Ravenscraft, Daniel J. Lewis, Kelly McEvers, Pat Flynn, and more—Podcast Movement is coming with top individuals to get you moving. Check out their website for more information.

2. Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

MAPCON started as a small group of podcasters on Facebook. They’ve spent time together on Google Hangouts and community meet-ups until they finally evolved into a big gathering last 2015.

If you are from North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut, this annual Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference is coming for you. It will run from September 8-9 at the Greater Philadelphia Area.

10 Big Podcast Events to Attend This 2017

Among the activities you will enjoy are:

  • A creative podcast competition where you get to team up with other podcasters to create a short podcast
  • The freedom to record your podcast episode in the event
  • A Saturday lunch with other podcasters
  • FREE headshot photo by a professional

There is a 30% ticket discount, but is only until June 30. Prices will go up by the 1st day of July. You can also avail of the big podcast event’s video recordings for only $40.

They’ve had speakers, including: Manny Wolfe, Jessica Kupferman, Ramona Rice, Rob Greenlee, and Mark Asquith. Check out the MAPCON website for more information.

3. We Are Podcast

From The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we hope on to The Land Down Under—Australia.

Around 24 speakers will share their knowledge and expertise on how to convince, convert, and automate a podcast. Among them are: John Lee Dumas, Darren Matthews, Omar Zenhom, Carla Papas, and Andrew Griffiths.

10 Big Podcast Events to Attend This 2017

Here are among the exciting activities:

  • Panel and keynote discussions
  • Networking party
  • Intimate Q&A
  • Karaoke sessions
  • Recordings

Tickets are available for general admission, mastermind, and influencer categories. The catch? Only 100 tickets are available!

It is one special event where you get to know other podcasters and top influencers better, and will take place on November 2-4. Check out the We Are Podcast website for more information.

Other Relevant Podcast Events 

1. Slow Down to Spark Innovation

Practice of the Practice podcast host Joe Sanok will be having a 7-day Slow Down Conference on July 30 to August 5. It’s a special event that is exclusive for therapists.

Joe saw the need for therapists to sustain and grow their practices. He wants them to also live the life they want. And, he acknowledges the many ways to scale a practice, such as through podcasting and having a website.

The Slow Down Conference is open to everyone in the field. Although it’s mainly for those in the private practice, counselors from companies, universities, or some other sectors are also open to join.

Speakers include National Consultant Kelly Higdon, Cupla Media, and website expert Jaime Jay. Among the other things you will love are:

  • Accomodation at The Leelanau School
  • Paddle boarding
  • Meditation with MUSE
  • Small Sessions
  • One on one consulting

There are only 6 days left until their ticket sales end. So, go visit the Slow Down School website to register and learn more about the event.

2. Expanding Your Field of View with 360 Content

Have you heard about The New York Times’ Daily 360? Just like them, podcasters can use Samsung’s 360-degree camera to craft captivating stories to share to their respective communities on Facebook and YouTube.

Nowadays there are a lot of fascinating tools and technology to help market a podcast. It is up to podcasters to explore and innovate.

For this particular event, FITC welcomes all types of creators. It will take place on July 15 in New York City. Among the event highlights are:

  • Introductory lessons on the 360 video
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices for filming
  • Hands-on video shoot
  • Content review and examples

And, guess what? Tickets are available for only $20! Check out their website for more information about the event and about the specific requirements.

3. Interviewing for Your Podcast

Conducting interviews in your podcast is a good way to keep listeners engaged. Through it, they get to hear different sides of a story or better yet learn from the field experts themselves.

It is practically easy since you can just even use your smartphone or tablet. But, along with it are the challenges of knowing what questions to ask and determining how exactly to conduct the interview. Inviting guests over may also be difficult.

For this, John MaGuirk of iPhone & Me podcast will be having a one-day event at the Cohn Adult Learning Center, Nashville Community Education on July 31.

Interested individuals and students can take with them their own devices and tools for jotting down notes. Check out the event on Meetup for more information.

4. DigiMarCon World 2017

Maintaining a podcast involves a variety of tasks. One of them is to market online. It could be on social media and other places that you can think of.

Well, you might want to mark your calendar for the biggest digital marketing event—DigiMarCon World 2017. More than 10,000 digital marketing professionals are said to be attending. And, more than 20 topics will be covered.

Among the topics are:

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing sales and automation
  • User acquisition
  • Customer engagement

You don’t even have to travel far to attend. Simply sit back in the comfort of your home, because the event will be available ONLINE. It will run from November 14-16, 2017.

It’s a great opportunity to be inspired by keynotes, bold talks, and big ideas. Check out the DigiMarCon website for more information.

**Photos courtesy of Andrew Gaines, Now Hear This Podcast Festival, MAPCON, and We Are Podcast

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