With the popularity of android phones, tablets, and other such audio devices, podcasting can be your new marketing solution.

Originally known as audioblog, a podcast is a series of digital media files that can come in audio or video formats. Once published, it can be automatically syndicated via RSS and can be downloaded anytime from a blog, website, or other such platforms.

“Everything is inexpensive. The tools are available. Everyone has been saying anyone can be a publisher, anyone can be a broadcaster.” Christopher Lydon

Taken from the words “iPod” and “broadcast”, podcasting allows your message to get across a wide variety of listeners. You can reach them anytime anywhere. It is, as many would say, the new media.

A Striking Contrast

In contrast to traditional marketing, promoting your business online costs 62% less. Imagine getting your message directly to people without investing a lot on fliers, billboards, and other tangible resources.

“By harnessing the power of podcasting your business can not only increase its brand exposure but also generate more sales and followers.” Aaron Gray

With online content, your message stays and can be visited by anyone anytime. There are billions of internet users around the world. Why not share your business with them?

Main Reasons to Start a Podcast

1. Rich Field of Affable Consumers

Rolled out in 2004, podcasting has generated about 98 million listeners in the US alone. 41% of which has a yearly household income of $75,000 and above.

This is composed mostly of well educated listeners, who have a 4-year degree or higher. With the right content, you will be able to drive in a variety of consumers.

2. Easy Circulation Through Social Media and Other Platforms

Podcasts can be syndicated to a lot of platforms online, such as iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio. You can also link a podcast to a blog or showcase it on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Through this, you can reach out to 93% of the listeners who have social media accounts.

3. Mobile Access

According to research, 64% of podcast listeners use Smartphones to tune in to their selected shows. Consumers can listen from their android phones, mp3 players, iPods, tablets, and other such portable devices. 

Podcasting A Viable Marketing Solution

What’s good about podcasting is that listeners can access your message anytime anywhere—24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They get to visit your syndicated platform and listen to your podcast immediately wherever and whatever they might be doing.

Listeners can also choose to download the podcast in audio or video file, and listen to it in their free time. You can provide it to them for free or for a minimal amount.

4. Loyal Listeners and/or Product Consumers

Podcasting is a good way to build long-term relationships with potential clients. You can establish trust through quality content and rapport.

Podcasting A Viable Marketing Solution

As discussed, the majority of listeners have a bachelor’s degree or higher. They are composed mostly of leaders and decision makers, who would likely take time in choosing the right podcast for them.

When listeners tune in to your show, that means that they are really interested in what you have to say. Once you catch their attention,you are more likely to receive an increased number of followers and/or subscribers.

For this, quality, relevance, and consistency must be your greatest allies.

5. Affordable

With more than 100,000 active podcasts, there still isn’t a lot of competition in the field especially when you consider your target location, listeners, and product. Most fail to keep up with their episodes, while others just can’t provide enough quality content that would urge their listeners to stay. 

To get the most out of podcasting, Sheri Crofts, et. al. discuss a number of business models that entrepreneurs and business owners can apply to their podcasts:

  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising
  • Listener Donations
  • Cooption
  • Subscription Models for Aggregators
  • Subscription Models for Individual Podcasters
  • Infomercials
  • Star Maker Machinery

To start your own podcast, you will basically need a high quality microphone, audio editing software, and a working computer with internet. You may refer to Brenton Hayden’s list for more.

You’ll find that most of the necessary items aren’t expensive. In fact, many of them are free, like the audio editing software Audacity.

So, instead of marketing in the most common way possible, you might want to think about investing your resources in podcasting. With it, you don’t just get to spend less but you also get to extend your business to more opportunities. 

Types of Podcast

Podcasting is an open field for all kinds of interests—literary, legal, arts, business, education, health, sports, etc. With your purpose in mind, you can choose to produce a fiction show, such as The Message. You can also do a question and answer, interview, or any other show format you’d like.

There are many choices to choose from. Simply know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. Don’t get lost in a sea of possibilities.

Consider your product and target listeners very well. That way you get to narrow down your results, and produce the appropriate podcast.

Final Thoughts

While it is interesting to create your own show, you might as well consider how to maintain it.

“Just don’t go into it thinking all you need is a conference room, a microphone, and an audio file to send out each week.” -Jesse Noyes

Not all podcasts have been successful. In fact, the number of active podcasts is way less than the total surmisable count. Apparently, many were only good at the start.

Having your own show or podcast is like having your own home in the field. Through it, others get to see who you are and what you have to offer. Relatively, you’d want to present to them the best and thereby convince them to join you.

It takes time to build a good home. It takes time to establish lasting relationships in a neighborhood. And, it takes patience to achieve both.

Be committed enough to dedicate your time and other valuable resources. Plan your content, and find ways to measure your success.

Podcasting, after all, can be your company’s golden ticket to victory.


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