Raise Awareness and Gather More Podcast Listeners

One of the challenges in the podcasting industry is the need for a strong listener base. Sometimes we’d hear people ask “What is a podcast?” and “Where should I tune in?”. In reply to such questions, here are a few things that all of us can do to help raise awareness and gather more podcast listeners.

1. Tell your acquaintances about podcasting

Who receives favor in many instances: the stranger or the person you are connected with through someone you know and trust?

As cliche as it may sound, a trusted referral — be it spoken or written — works the same way for podcasts. It provides that sense of trust that arouses interest.

Think about people you are acquainted with. They could be your friends and family members. They could also be your colleagues at work, classmates, teachers, or neighbors.

Why not tell them about podcasts and about what makes them exciting? You can:

  • Listen with a friend or a family member
  • Brush through your favorite podcast show in a chat
  • Share your favorite episode during lunch break
  • Print your favorite show’s Messenger Code and have people scan it
  • Stick your favorite show’s logo on your coffee mug or water bottle
  • Blog about noteworthy podcast episodes
  • Send a shout out to your favorite show or podcaster on social media

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2. Share your favorite episodes on social media

Without a doubt, social media can help raise awareness and gather more podcast listeners. On top of the list is Facebook followed by other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

According to Edison Research, 48 percent of monthly podcast consumers follow brands on social media. 64 percent of them browse through their favorite platform several times a day. And, 94 percent of them use social media at present with the vast majority using Facebook.

So, how do you help raise awareness and gather more podcast listeners through these social platforms? You can:

  • Leave a comment and review on a show’s social media page
  • Post a status telling your friends that you are “Currently Listening to” a podcast show
  • Share a podcast show’s post on your social profile
  • Have a photo with your favorite podcaster and post it on your profile
  • Tag your favorite podcast in one of your posts

3. Join the annual International Podcast Day

Mark your calendars on September 30 every year for the International Podcast Day.

It is one big industry event where you get to hear and connect with podcasters from around the world. An opportunity to help raise awareness and gather more podcast listeners for the entire industry.

There are many ways to participate from the comforts of your home:

  • Engage on social media using #InternationalPodcastDay
  • Herald the banner on your place or website
  • Tell others about podcasting
  • Leave a rating and review for your favorite podcast show
  • Use the International Podcast Day logo as your cover image

There are a lot more exciting things to look forward and do in the event. Special items are also available for purchase.

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4. Promote with Pete the Podcaster

After all those many years that podcasting existed, there are still people who find it challenging to subscribe and follow a show. They might have tuned in once but no longer know how to return to the same podcast show.

How can we help?

Meet Pete the Podcaster. Pete is a Messenger Bot that is designed to educate podcast listeners. Step by step, he guides them through the process of subscribing to a podcast and leaving a rating and review for it.

Pete also helps them set up an iTunes account if they still don’t have one.

Podcasters can have their own customized chatbot settings and simply promote Pete or the link to Pete on their show. Once listeners click on the link, they will be directed to Pete on Messenger where they can follow along with the steps.

How does this raise awareness and gather podcast listeners?

When people know how easy it is to tune in, they would most likely share their experience with others. That is how Pete the Podcaster send ripples of influence across the community. He does not just make things easy for the listeners but also helps the podcaster have more loyal listeners.

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5. Get Involved in Your Local Community

You know it — the world online does not just stay online; it reaches out to people outside of the four corners of the screen.

Do you know any opportunities in your locality where you can share the excitement and power of podcasts? It could be in a school, private gathering, nursing homes, group of taxi drivers — anywhere.

Among the things you can do to raise awareness and gather more podcast listeners are:

  • Speak at a career expo in school
  • Host a forum on podcasts
  • Play a podcast show to the elderly
  • Share your favorite podcast to a taxi driver
  • Teach others how to edit a podcast
  • Podcasters can host an event in their locality
  • Join a fun run and share your favorite show to others

More Loyal Listeners for the Entire Industry

No single listening platform, thousands of podcast shows to choose from — perhaps, what appears to be obstacles are good reasons for everyone to unite and share the happiness that podcasts bring.

Podcast apps provide options to tune in, while shows give a variety of flavors to the everyday life.

You can reach out to a friend and anyone in your network. Podcasting is here to stay or will it thrive for long? You have a choice, and together we can make it count.

Now, over to you!

How do you plan to help the podcasting industry grow? Will you help raise awareness and gather more podcast listeners? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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