What would make a listener to click Play? The study by Edison Research reveals that more than half of the podcast listeners immediately tune in to the episode they like. And, only 23% manually download to listen later. For a podcaster, the number of plays is important. You want to know how many are actually listening to your show, so that you can find better ways of improving it. Here are 7 Tangible Factors that Attract Listeners. Read on, and find whether you have all these working in your podcast.

1. Key Influencer

Remember the first time you heard about podcasts? Despite its popularity, not everyone is familiar with it. A new listener might even ask what it is before looking for a show to follow.

Or, they might have just played around their phones or online until they learn about podcasts. The thing is someone or something led them to it.

It could be their friends, relatives, colleagues, or their passion that led them to finding your show. This is why podcasters invest their time and resources in marketing their episodes.

Once you have your show published, you can share it on social media or distribute it through other channels. You can also tell people about your show by guesting in different platforms or by doing other marketing efforts before you publish.

Having podcasts guests also attracts listeners. When they see someone they patronize or someone they simply find interesting, it will be easy for them to follow through your show and listen. The key is to be consistent in distributing your episodes.

Make ways for people to find you. You can submit your show to different podcast directories, market them via blogs, or tag an influencer on social media. In all those, your goal is to guide someone to your show.

Word of the mouth has its own way of driving in listeners. It’s sharing one message and allowing its effects to send ripples for a certain period of time, if not for a lifetime.

2. Interesting Topic

What is your podcast about? Listeners find their way through search engines and directories for shows that match their topic of interest. Sometime you may not even have to come up with a unique title.

Take for example a listener looking for a show that would help him know more about programming. They may type in “podcast for programmers” and find a list of options they could tune in, such as JavaScript Jabber or Adventures in Angular.

The thing is…

Their interests lead them to discover shows they never heard of before. Once listeners find your podcast after following their line of interest, that’s the time to prove them correct for tuning in.


Think about what sets you apart from others in the field. Use that strength to add value to your listeners. Incorporate that in every aspect of your show.

Produce quality episodes, and be consistent throughout.

3. Captivating Title

Titles play a critical role in podcasts. This applies to your podcast show title AND episode title.

Unique title primarily give you the advantage of getting found easily. One such example is the show titled Hello Tech Pros. If you type it in search engines, you’ll find it taking the entire first page of results. They occupy the slot even to the last page.

How was that possible?

Their title is so unique that search engines and directories immediately identify them and many others related to them. Needless to say, peculiarity takes on the spotlight.

For episode titles, here are some things you can apply:

  • Use words that the people in your niche could relate to
  • If you have a guest, state his profession before his name (very good examples to this are episodes by The Veteran on the Move podcast). Titles indicate power and authority. They tell listeners that the guest is an expert that they can rely on, someone that they could learn from.
  • Make your words brief but on point. Recommended number of characters in a title are 50 to 60.

4. Attractive Album Art

Visuals stir a mind to action. Like they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. And if you have an attractive visual, that is one good reason for listeners to follow along and listen.

“Your visual system reaches out and interacts with at least half of your brain, sending electrical impulses all over the place.” -Andrew Tate

Humans are inherently visual beings. Our perception of what is and of what will become, can be influenced by what we see.

According to Andrew, He’s gathered scientific facts that inform us of why people respond to visuals. Ever since we’re born, we are inclined to focusing on details with our eyes.

From ABC’s to animals, we learn what they are through pictures. We can identify people through their faces. We can create diverse opinions out of what we see.

It’s how an album art empowers your show.

Think about how it will match your show’s intent. You don’t even have to spend to create one. There are free sources online that you can use to design, such as Canva.

It comes with ready templates that you can easily play with and use to create an attractive design. Once done, follow the number of pixels recommended by your podcast host to ensure it displays well. Think how it relates to your brand, design accordingly, and use it well.

That’s how you attract listeners.

5. Superb Audio

Importance of Audio Editing in PodcastsThe quality of a podcast audio isn’t just about how clear it is or how soft it is to the ears. Quality also includes the format that your show follows.

How do you start each episode? What do listeners usually hear?

Just as an applicant only have a minute to make a good first impression, you as podcaster have the first few seconds of your show to stand out.

Among the things you can do during the start of each episode are:

  • Ask a question
  • Have an intro music that matches your show’s personality
  • State your show’s mission, just like what The Stoked Lifestyle podcast does

There’s nothing better than making a connection immediately. It’s like you acknowledging that “this is what I do”, and the listener could then assure himself that it’s just what he needs.

Once you make that connection, you can start strengthening it by putting up valuable content. And, be consistent.

That way, you slowly create your own podcast community.

6. Enticing Descriptions

Descriptions inform. You can use them to state what your show is about, what interesting things they can expect, or who you want to listen.

One good example of a well-written description is that of Private Label Podcast. Their Start Here section well presents what their show is for. And, each of their episodes have a short, witty description that’s enough to attract listeners.

You see…

You can attract listeners like you would attract a person you admire. Listeners add fuel to your drive just as a special person in your life can inspire you further.

To come up with an enticing description, you can:

  • Indicate facts—the who, what, how, where, and why of your show. By simply doing this, you stimulate the listener’s brain to respond. It helps them identify with your show, and thus make it easier for them to decide whether they should listen or not.
  • Use active words to present action and excitement

You can also approach in a conversational manner. Humanize your talk, like they say. That way, you present yourself approachable, friendly, and pleasant to listen to.

7. Persuasive Show Notes

An Easy Guide to Writing Podcast Show NotesAlthough not a lot of people enjoy reading, show notes still attract listeners. They persuade when they include the information that listeners want, such as:

  • Episode description
  • Show outline or time stamps
  • Contact information or social media buttons
  • Episode links

That way, listeners know what to expect.

One very good example is Stop Riding the Pine podcast. Their show notes are on point and provide listeners with ways to engage, such as the ones outlined above.


The good thing with show notes is they can serve as blogs if you’re hosting your show from a website. If you optimize your notes for SEO, they can help boost the traffic you receive. Because of that, you increase your chances of getting found.

When Listeners Change Their Interests

It’s normal for everyone to shift from one line of interest to another. You can’t control how people respond when they find something new or more interesting to their taste.


You can make ways to keep your podcast running and continue to attract listeners. One such way is by diversifying what you offer in your show. You can offer eBooks, freebies, and all other items that listeners will enjoy.

Add value to them.

Maintaining a podcast is not easy. It requires hard work to achieve your goals. But if you love what you do, you can never run out of reasons to succeed.

Keep on doing great work, and all else will follow.

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