Podcasts require consistency, but many still struggle keeping up. As the saying goes, “It’s easy to start but difficult to maintain and grow.” Read The Importance of Consistent Publication. Know the areas of concern, understand the effects, and be more consistent in publishing your show!

What does it take to be consistent?

Consistency simply means doing something regularly. You don’t have to be highly gifted to be consistent. All you need is dedication to do just that.

In a study conducted by Edison Research, 59% of podcast listeners immediately click and listen to a show. Remember that podcasts are programs that people look after. Listeners enjoy tuning in to their favorite shows, and discover what’s new.

The Importance of Consistent Publication

Consistency makes systems easy. But, it’s fairly difficult to follow. It takes enough preparation to complete an episode. There are normally 5 steps before publication.

But, think about this: everyone has the same amount of time everyday. You can be wrapped with so many tasks even outside of podcasting, but you live 24 hours a day just like everyone else. Apparently, time management is not easy to fulfill.

Excuses exist to cover the results of inconsistency, and doing so won’t improve your metrics and rank. You need to step up and execute an efficient strategy to produce quality episodes regularly and punctually.

Areas of Concern

What steps do you take to produce an episode? In the process, you’ll find yourself mainly considering the schedule and content of your show.

1. Regular Schedule

Whether you’re new to podcasting or not, you need to determine the best DAY and TIME for you to publish. Some podcasts have many listeners in the morning, while others do well at night.

The time and day depend on your listeners’ behavior and background. If your podcast is about fitness and health, you might find most of your listeners tuned in during Monday mornings when they would be eager to prepare for the week. If you are into marketing, majority of your listeners could be up early during Wednesdays to get fresh ideas.

People bring with them different expectations. On your part, you address them appropriately and promptly to keep them engaged.

Keep Up with Your Podcast Host

The Importance of Consistent PublicationTo know which day works best for you, you can check your performance from your host site. Sites like Blubrry and Libsyn provide stats for number of downloads, geographic data, traffic sources, etc.

You can analyze the information you get to help you plan accordingly. Blogging sites, such as WordPress (WP), also provide statistics that you can refer to from time to time.

Views and subscriptions don’t necessarily mean you get the same number of listeners every time you release your show. Focus on the day that has the most number of downloads and plays. You can ask:

  • What are your listeners’ interests?
  • Which day do most of them tune in, and what time?
  • Where are they listening from?
  • What are they saying about your show?

Stay Updated via Social Media

The Importance of Consistent PublicationAnother way to identify your listeners is through social media. Views, likes, and shares help you know the time that followers are most engaged. Remember that timing matters. Learn about the science of social timing.

If you are still about to launch your first episode, it’s good to identify your ideal listeners first. Remember what your podcast is about, and create a strong vision of who you want to attract. Use the questions listed above. You can keep yourself updated in the long run.

Whatever strategy you use, your goal is to find the best schedule to release your episode. As you do so, also remember to take note of the different time zones that your listeners are in. Overall, you’d want to prepare your episodes in advance to avoid delays.

Consistency in schedule of release establishes trust and invites more loyal listeners. Once you’ve identified the best day and time, it’ll be easy for you to know when to perform the necessary steps towards publication. You can set deadlines to guide you when to record, edit the audio, write show notes, etc.

2. Quality Content

Podcasting is a great way to market your brand. For this, you ensure the content you provide is interesting, reliable, and consistent all throughout.

Here are some ways to provide quality content:

  • KNOW YOUR TOPIC – What makes your listeners tick? Stay updated with the trends in the industry. You can come up with a series of seasonal topics if you want. What’s important is that you stay tuned to your listeners’ major interests and concerns. Think about what’s timely and helpful.
  • PLAN YOUR SHOW – What is the best way to present the topic? Prepare a list of RELEVANT ideas or questions that you can raise in the show. If you have a guest, research first about his background and think of what he can share to your listeners.
  • SUCCEED – How will you engage your listeners? As a marketing tool, your podcast exists to drive in brand followers. Stick to your plan, but be flexible to adjustments when necessary. Your goal is to make your show as interesting and as reliable as it could be. As you do so, be consistent with your show’s elements such as tone of voice, language, approach, audio quality, and the like.

Benefits of Consistent Publication

Consistency benefits podcasters in various ways. It helps increase their rank, improve the experience that their listeners get, and keeps them up-to-date and organized in their work system.

1. Rank Better in Search Engines

Google gives a ranking boost to those who practice consistency. They value thought leadership content, which simply means regularly producing quality content.

When a site or podcast has quality content, it attracts listeners until it gets enough exposure for it to be widely recognized. More listeners means more ways for it to be found. Search engines tap to this popularity, since they only wish the best for everyone.

If your show satisfies many listeners or mere browsers, your rank will eventually increase. And, you can achieve this through consistency. Keep your episodes fresh, interesting, and on time.

2. Improve Experience

User experience is critical in any brand. Whether you are running a website or maintaining a podcast, it is important to make a user stay. To ensure this happens, you let them experience the best of what you provide.

Inconsistent publication can make them confused and disappointed. As a consequence, their trust weakens and their engagement declines. You would not want to end up losing your valued listeners simply because you missed a release date or you provided the wrong content.

Mishaps can happen. But, you can implement ways to prevent them from happening.

3. Enhance Work System

Podcasting undergoes certain steps and provides necessary work to perform. From recording to publication, you make sure that you don’t miss anything. You would not want certain tasks to conflict with others.

This is why it’s important to come up with an efficient workflow. You would want it to be organized and aligned with the episodes. Here’s a list of what you can do:

  • Take note of your release schedules
  • Identify which episodes are due for release
  • Keep an open communication with fellow workers, if you have
  • Document your workflows
  • Carry out your episode plans in the most efficient way

Knowing your release schedule and preparing your shows in advance help you publish consistently. Know what to prioritize. Overall, pay attention to what you need to do to avoid missing release dates.

Be More Consistent

Consistency is very simple for anyone to follow. It only requires dedication to complete the necessary tasks to regularly publish quality content. You don’t need superhuman skills to achieve it.

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” -Benjamin Disraeli

Have a strong vision of what you want to achieve, and stay true to it. You will benefit in the long run. Find ways to be more consistent. You can slice down your tasks and create a schedule that’s convenient for you.

You don’t have to stress yourself in overthinking what needs to be done and what shouldn’t. Keep things simple for you. If you don’t have the time but have enough resources to hire, invite a skillful individual to help you out.

Success takes time to develop. Just be patient. Learn from your experiences, and give your podcast room to grow. Also, learn from the experiences of others and connect with those who can be of help. There are lots of support available to those who want to improve.

As you advance in the industry, be more consistent in your publication and it will pay off in the end.

What do you think about The Importance of Consistent Publication? Leave a comment or suggestion below. We love hearing from you!  

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