Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search Engine

To which podcast should I go or which episode should I tune in to listen to a topic I am interested in? We come across these concerns every once in a while from listeners. Here are some of the things to love about Listen Notes podcast search engine.

About Listen Notes

Listen Notes is an up and coming podcast search engine that, just as its tagline says, actually works. Simply type in any topic, name, or search term that matches your interest and you will find a list of results related to it.

Two major industry concerns that it seeks to address:

+ Podcast directory – Its owner and developer, Wenbin Fang, is a podcast fan himself and initially started it for his own interests. He confessed that he listens to more than 5 hours of podcasts a day. Listen Notes gave him an easy way to listen to various topics from different shows anytime he wanted.

+ Increase podcast listenership – Although there are hundreds of thousands of podcast shows already available, not many people around the world have listened to them just yet. Reasons for this may include the lack of a single podcast haven and the seemingly limited capabilities in podcast applications. Listen Notes provides a single stop for listeners and empowers them to browse through nearly half a million podcasts for any results related to their queries.

Here are eight things to love about Listen Notes podcast search engine:

1. Comprehensive database

Listen notes currently provides listeners with access to 414, 909 podcasts and more than 24 million episodes. So whether you are into business, comedy, music, sports, technology, news — whatever interest you have in mind — chances are that this search engine has an episode that is just right for you.

Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search Engine

Listen Notes Homepage

It presents both popular and new podcast shows. Among which are Fresh Air by NPR, TED Talks Daily, Stop Riding the Pine, and The Daily by The New York Times.

For podcast shows that are not yet on the list, you may submit your iTunes URL and email (optional) to include your show in the directory. Once you click on Submit, it will immediately appear for listeners to tune in.

Those shows that are already in the list may request to be removed from the database.

2. Links to podcast iTunes, RSS, and website

One of the features that may not be readily available in podcast apps is the podcast show’s RSS. With Listen Notes, listeners can access links to the podcast on iTunes, its RSS, and website.

What this means to podcasters…more ways for:

  • Getting found
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased sales of their products and services

The links can be found right under the podcast or episode description that appears on the search results.

3. Simplified search

Not sure which episodes or podcast shows to tune in? The Listen Notes podcast search engine features trending topics that you can choose from.

It also has a directory that lists shows alphabetically from A to Z. Subcategories are also available on top of the directory page should you want to browse through shows that reflect any general interests you have.

Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search Engine

Listen Notes Directory

In its search bar, you can type in the name of a podcaster, a public personality, a place you like, or a specific episode topic that you want to listen to. It will provide you a list of podcast episodes that contain all or a part of the search term you entered. It’s just like Google for websites and blog posts and almost anything under the sun.

When you have the lists of results already, you may then filter it by episode or podcast as well as in order of relevance or date.

4. Multi-language

Looking for a podcast that is in a different language? Listen Notes podcast search engine provides access to episodes that are available in languages apart from English.

It currently caters to about 62 languages around the world. It includes episodes done in Arabic, Belarusian, Catalan, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and more.

5. Twitter player card

This feature could probably be a favorite of any podcast show that promotes its episodes on Twitter. The search engine enables listeners to listen live from Twitter without being redirected to another platform or page.

People who share the episode simply click on the Twitter sharing button and a corresponding player card will immediately be available on their profiles.

Here’s an example as provided by Wenbin in one of his updates

Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search Engine

Listen Notes Sample Twitter Player Card

6. Images and links on show notes

Show notes give listeners a preview of what to expect from a podcast. A number of shows have images to support the notes they worked hard to create for their listeners.

Here’s another thing to love about Listener Notes podcast search engine. Each episode that has images AND links in the notes can be seen by the podcast listeners like this one…

Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search Engine

Image on an Episode Show Notes

Although the image does not look organized as it appears on the show’s website, it still gives the listeners a rather interesting touch just as images and other visuals do. Any links available are highlighted in either red or blue to make them easy to be found.

7. Customized search bar

For podcasters, Listen Notes also provides a way for you to create a customized search bar that you can feature on your podcast website. Simply type in the name of your show, type in a placeholder or an action phrase, and choose the color you want.

Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search Engine

Listen Notes Search Bar Customizer

Once done, you will find a ready code at the bottom of the page. Click on Copy to Clipboard and paste it on your website. Voila! This way, you give your listeners a way to browse through any episodes you have that is related to any search term they type in.

8. Sharing features

As of this writing, Listen Notes allows sharing of episodes to Facebook, Twitter, and email. There is also an embed link that anyone may copy and paste to a website or specific blog post to share any of the episodes.

More Good Things to Come

From his blog on Medium, we learned from Wenbin that he plans to improve the user interface, search usability, and community feature.

He is investing his personal savings to make this search engine better for listeners and podcasters alike. But he is open to finding other ways to monetize it. You may get in touch with him at

Do you know other Things to Love About Listen Notes Podcast Search EngineLeave us a comment below and share your thoughts with others. We would love to hear from you!

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