Ways to Overcome the Obstacles in Doing Facebook Live Videos

Many podcasters have enjoyed using Facebook Live to connect with their audience and expand their reach in the industry. With these 7 Ways to Overcome the Obstacles in Doing Facebook Live Videos, we’ll dive into the common concerns and the tips to overcome them.

1. Few or no audience

What if you get few or zero audience in a Facebook Live session? People have faced the same question time and again.

But the thing is that it takes time and effort to gather a number of people who would be willing to watch until the very end.

Tip: Announce your Live session in advance and let your target audience know the date, time, and page they should tune in. Providing the specific details somehow gives that sense of urgency and significance of the video you are planning to release.

You might also want to evaluate your performance and check to see the areas that you need to improve your social media engagement. As you go along, you can ask yourself a few questions like: how are my followers responding to my Facebook posts and how many have I reached so far?

Consider those things where you are not seeing a lot of results. Check the data you’ve received and learn from them.

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2. Weak internet connection

“Hell oh! And weh-eh come to the shh.” Oops! It’s definitely not the kind of line that you wish for your podcast audience to hear.

But it can happen especially when you are out of town, stuck in a bad weather, or when you are someplace that does not have a strong internet connection.

Tip: Always secure a stable internet connection before going live. Also, check the preview and see to it that it is set up with a working microphone and camera. In the end, you want your message to be clear and effective.

3. Overly careful with words and actions

Perhaps one of the big obstacles in doing Facebook Live videos is that you can never take back what you say or do in front of the camera — unless, of course, you delete the video right after you’re done.

The realization could hit you sharply that you end up being too cautious with the things you do or say. You become too careful to the point that you stumble for words and take time simply thinking about what to do or say next.

Tip: Know this: everything does not have to be perfect in one go. You can plan your content and prepare an outline of things to discuss. You might also want to practice first or do a mock recording.

Shake off those fears because they will not do you a lot of favor. Remember that Facebook is a social media platform, which makes it a good place to socialize and spark a connection to your niche. And yes, you do not necessarily have to be too formal.

How do you converse with your friends? It’s just the same as being authentic to your target audience.

4. Upset Facebook audience

What do you do when someone steps up to oppose something you might have said or done on a Live video? People can have various reasons. But regardless of which, their reactions stay and how you respond will matter.

Tip: Acknowledge the presence of your audience when doing the video, and engage them in the best possible way.

Should they become upset, have the courage to ask and clarify where they might have been offended. But be humble enough to admit your mistake and apologize when you have done wrong.

You cannot please everyone but you can at least do what you can to have a healthy relationship with your Facebook followers.

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5. Unengaging content

How do you increase your reach and multiply your conversions on Facebook? You could be posting every single day only to be drowned in the ocean of content.

Buffer Social shared the same problem in their own marketing endeavors. For most of the time in 2016, they posted around 40 posts every week on Facebook but received less reach than they expected.

Tip: To improve, Buffer Social changed their posting strategy. They combined entertainment and education in their posts. Here’s a video from them…

Similarly, you can focus on creating the type of content that matters to your Facebook target audience.

6. Automation tools

In a podcast episode by Digital Marketer, Molly Pittman gave light to the issue of automated posting and how it decreases reach. Someone from their community asked for her view on the matter. This was her response…

“It’s not that we’re not posting, but along the same lines of, what’s this worth to your business and what’s the opportunity cost?”

Automation does have a way of making a podcaster’s life easier. It allows for scheduling of posts on different social media platforms in one place.

Tip: Even if you are using automation tools, still take some time to engage with your audience. You might want to consider outsourcing the job to a social media manager if you do not have enough time or skills to do it yourself.

Automation tools do not necessarily remove the importance of keeping up with your audience. Value them by posting content that has a purpose — content that provides an opportunity not just to your podcast on social media but also to your followers.

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7. Lack of purpose

The scenario is you wrap up your video session, check to see that you only had 10 or 23 viewers, and that’s it. You stop right there and leave your video as it is with hopes that it will have more reach in the next few days.

Tip: Be deliberate in reaching out to your audience. Time and again, we have seen Live videos that went viral after some time.

One thing they had in common was that they were all done deliberately to be interesting enough, to be valuable enough to the audience, and to possess quality recording.

Have the time to plan, implement accordingly, and market your content even after the session has ended because somewhere anytime, someone could find it useful.

What do you think about these 7 Ways to Overcome the Obstacles in Doing Facebook Live Videos? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with others. We would love to hear from you!

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