It’s not easy to continue podcasting without a good number of loyal listeners. Listeners drive in growth and traffic to a podcast show. This is why marketing matters. Here are 16 ways to promote your podcast and attract more listeners. Discover ideas to reach out to more listeners, because more listeners means more reasons to succeed.

1. Inform Guests about the Episode Schedule

If you have a guest on your show, make sure to inform him when the episode will go live. Include links to the show notes you prepared as well as links to the different podcast directories you’re in.

Guests have their own circle of influence who can benefit from the episode you’ll publish. Encourage them to share it with their friends, family, and other networks.

2. Include Your Podcast in Your Email Signature

Emails may not seem effective, but every time you send an email is actually an opportunity to promote. You can insert a link to your podcast right below your name in your email signature.

The more your contacts see your podcast link attached to your messages, the more familiar they become. It makes them more aware about what you do.

3. Post a Quote to Tweet

Never underestimate the power of show notes. People may not be very much interested in reading, but show notes enable them to know what your episode is about.

Show notes serve to encourage listeners to download and tune in. They should present something that will hook your listeners. You can include some interesting quotes from your episode, and use a click to tweet plugin for listeners to share them on Twitter.

The sweet thing is the plugin will also display your Twitter username. Once a quote is tweeted, people from different circles will know your podcast as its source.

4. Create and Distribute an Infographic

Needless to say, graphics attract attention. It does even better when paired with a good deal of information about a specific topic. People want to learn more about their interests.

Research on ideas that are related to your podcast, and create an infographic from the facts you’ve gathered. Only be creative in your design. Once you publish it on your site or social media, you can tag the sources of information to increase more views.

5. Post a Photo with a Quote

If you’re not confident in publishing an infographic or just don’t have the time to do all the tasks it entails, you can always use an alternative. Take note of insightful quotes from your episodes, and design a graphic with it.

You can download free photos from sources like Pixabay or Unsplash, and use Canva for design. When completed, you can distribute them on social media. Don’t forget to include your show’s logo in the graphic to help people discover you.

You can also take note of quotations from influencers online, and tag them in your posts.

6. Host a Live Event

Another way to promote your podcast is by hosting a live event. You can have one online using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or a live streaming software like Mixlr. This is particularly great for those with an established base of followers.

For those who are still new, you can choose to host the event in your local area and run a live video. Just take a step at a time. You can start with a small crowd, and develop that connection to have more listeners.

7. Speak at an Event

If you don’t have enough resources to host an event, you can find opportunities to speak instead. Look for communities within your niche, and connect with them. Help them know you and the things you specialize.

Lots of people are willing to learn from someone who knows his craft. Let people know what you do, and show them how well you do it. One day, you’ll be glad to receive an invitation to speak—or, you can make the brave first move and ask them if you can speak to their group.

8. Be a Guest on Another Podcast

Other podcasters in your niche aren’t necessarily your enemies. Like you, they need someone to partner with and be discovered. You can reach out to them, be their guest, and support them in making a good impact in the world.

9. Maintain a Social Media Page

Having a page alone is not enough to promote your podcast. Sure you can link your podcast to your social media account to automatically post updates, but that will not guarantee you a higher chance to be heard.

You need to make time to maintain your page—be there when someone inquires, incorporate a variety of posts (images, infographics, status, etc.), and do other valuable marketing efforts.

The good news is there are online apps like Hootsuite that enables you to manage and maintain all your accounts in one place. You can also just focus on one social platform to make things more convenient on your end. That way, you can concentrate all your efforts on one medium and make the most out of it.

10. Offer Freebies in Your Show

There’s a saying that goes, food is good especially when it comes free. Who doesn’t enjoy a treat? Free items never fail to excite people.

You can plan ahead and think of something that your listeners would be interested to have. It could be a travel pillow, shirts, mugs, and anything else that can be used everyday. You can attach your podcast logo to it, and give it away for free.

By doing so, you don’t only give value to your listeners but also give your show an opportunity to be remembered.

11. Create a Game that Even Kids Will Enjoy

Children can be your greatest advocates to promote your podcast. The reason is: they are everywhere, and they attract attention—or, at least they enjoy the attention. When you create something that they like, they’ll be sure to tell their friends, parents, and almost everyone else they get to meet.

They love fun, and it’s something you can’t easily take away. You can come up with a board game like the Ratrace. That way, they not only enjoy but also learn how to deal with resources.

12. Teach an Online Course

Given that you have something to share via podcast, you can organize your thoughts and come up with a course. You can setup a YouTube account under your podcast name to teach each lesson.

There are also online sites where you can teach and earn—among which are Udemy and Skillshare. Students from around the world are willing to learn from experts like you. From there, you can advertise your podcast in your profile.

In any episode you publish, you can also tell your listeners about the course you offer. That way, you not only give them opportunities to learn but you also strengthen your credibility as a thought leader in the field.

13. Post Behind the Scenes Videos and Images

One good way to spark engagement among your podcast community is by showing your human personality. In other words, humanize your approach.

It’s entertaining to hear someone who has something valuable to share, and even better when you see that person moving and enjoying the same things that you and others enjoy. It sparks empathy. It sparks familiarity.

You can capture candid moments while producing your show, and post them on social media. You can also meetup with your listeners and sponsors, and take a selfie or groufie with them.

14. Participate in Twitter Hashtag Streams

What better way to promote your podcast than using hashtags? People on Twitter are unique in that they are primarily focused on receiving updates—every day—through hashtags.

To follow along, you can stay on the lookout for big events in your niche or outside of it. Event hosts and well known personalities typically announce an official hashtag which people can use to stay updated on the event.

Simply post your side of the event, and follow the stream. Comment on other tweets and click hearts to engage with the community.

15. Lead a Charitable Cause

Charity is love in action. You don’t have to be a big-time podcaster to create an impact. Look around you, and you’ll find people who need help.

Nowadays, it’s easy to call for support because of social media. You can capture a photo or video of someone in need, or target a social issue that needs to be addressed by the local authorities. Better yet, you can start a cause that will benefit your podcast community.

In a world of pressing needs, big hearts win.

16. Email Everyone

Marketing is about networking—it requires you to connect with people. Think of those you’ve spent some time with. You don’t have to be close to that person to relay a good message, don’t you?

You have friends, families, classmates, law officials, neighbors, celebrity idols, colleagues—people from different periods and areas of your life. List down their names, and promote your podcast to them via email.

If you want to promote your podcast, you need to get out there and make ways for people to know about your show. Stay tuned for updates on this list.

What can you say about the 16 Ways to Promote Your Podcast and Attract More Listeners? Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions. We love hearing from you!

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